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Ahoy Internet Surfers!

Welcome to Hen On The Town. It's nice of you to come 'round for a heaping helping of quirkiness pudding. I am Henny Penny, your hostess and queen of this tiny website. Clicking the fancy BLOG option above will send you straight to the heart of my musings on crafts and step-by-step instructions for projects that may or may not be super fun.

Check back often, because there's a good chance I'll kick start my etsy shop soon and you will then reap the benefits of my labors. Have a craftastic day!

Henny Penny

Igor Fish Craft Info:

Meet Igor. He lives in Kalamazoo in a lake of many colors, that's why his cloaking comes in so very handy. His hobbies include: competitive trampoline bouncing, talking to his lady friend JoJo the Crab, and sleeping upside down.