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Meet Henny Penny!

Everyone needs a hobby and I have either one big one or several small ones depending on how you prefer to categorize your crafts. I heart most anything crafty and trying new things is all the rage in my craft room. I've taken a whack at everything from crocheting to decoupage. It may in fact be easier to list things I'm not interested in, which include: scrapbooking, metallurgy, eating red meat, knitting, glue sniffing, and woodworking.

Henny Penny

Born and bred in Colorado, I've made a home out of sticks and bricks with Mr. McCluckin' my ever-lovin' husband. Travel and tiny dog ownership generally consumes our time. I am terribly lucky and work for 3 different sewing magazines. There I: stand around (because I have a standing desk), read articles, sew up little projects and otherwise kick it old school style.

If you have a secret to share, a question to ask, or think we might be related, please email me at info@hen-on-the-town.com, or look me up on twitter, I'm known as @HenOnTheTown round those parts.

That is all the declassified information available at this time. Thank you for your readership.


The thanks of the internet nation are due to Mr. Kirk Ireson. Without his expertise, critical eye, and general awesomitude this website never would have happened. Then where would you be? Sitting alone in the internet wondering what Henny Penny was doing but never knowing. Mr. Kirk has many website skills in addition to his knowledge of sea life, Red Dwarf love, and world traveling abilities. If you need help in any of these arenas he can be reached at: KirkIreson.com

You should also know that one other fine gentleman has assisted in the creation of Hen On The Town and that mister would be Mr. Ryan King. Quite a few years ago I sat down in his office and asked him to help me bring my vision of a logo to life. He did a fantastic job and it is this image Hen On The Town bears today. If you need something expertly drawn feel free to email me at: