Meet Kotomi!

Well hello there Internet pals!

Today I bring you the good news that I happen to be acquainted with a very charming artist known as Kotomi Yoshida. She’s skilled in ways I can only imagine as she has a knack for creating fanciful clothes for hip folks. I am lucky enough to work with her at the museum.

We were in between moments of ticket duties when I noticed she was stitching away on the most delightful little felt food. She warns it is still in progress but allowed me to take a photo.

Here in the Mile High City Kotomi is easily one of the up and coming fashion stars. She has participated in several shows and as best I can tell she does most of the sewing by hand. Her specialty is recycling old garments into new futuristic items with the addition of all sorts of exciting bits and baubles. Check out her Etsy shop to get a feel for her style and you’ll see she has a distinctive flavor.

As I am not a member of the high fashion world, unless you are speaking of the pajama high fashion world that is, I am continuously impressed by her work. She was born in Japan and I feel many of her pieces are inspired by Japanese themes. Furthermore she’s simply a lovely person. Nonetheless we (meaning me) here at Hen On The Town salute you Kotomi! May you find fortune, unicorns, and all of your lost socks!


Henny Penny

For All the Lovers Out There

Aloha Readers and Accidental Clickers,

As yesterday was Valentine’s day my fingers were up to love inspired things. I tore the craft room apart fashioning an outfit that was alluring and domestic. Nothing says “I love you sugar daddy” like a see through chefs hat made out of the finest crocheted mesh my fingers could muster. Alas that little gem was torn to shreds during the evening’s festivities. As for the other item I made, I had to wait for Mr. McCluckin’ to complete his Valentine’s day treasure hunt before I could post this exciting blog entry. Hope your holiday was filled with whatever form of love you prefer. Maybe you’re into tropical fishes, or celery popsicles, or you just can’t get enough fake grass in your life, whatever your love might be, let’s celebrate it!

I happen to especially heart the number one rooster in my life, Mr. McCluckin’. He’s really a swell fellow and this Valentine’s day he gifted me with something quite astonishing, a trip to Maker’s Faire San Francisco! Can you believe it? I’ve not spent any extensive time in San Francisco and to be honest this trip will mostly involve sleeping, eating, and visiting the faire, but either way the city by the bay and I will be sure to cozy up this May.

I had no idea he was planning something so grand. I made him a tiny little diorama using ash we brought back from Iceland in 2010. You may recall the giant angry volcano that was causing so much European air traffic trouble? Well we happened to be in Iceland during that same time and of course we went out to take a peek at the eruption. All we could see was an ash cloud and hear it’s angry bellowing. Though while traipsing about the exploding countryside we collected a sandwich baggie of freshly minted ash before departing to safer distances.

The skewed look is so divine!

I used an IKEA glass jar I’ve had for a few years and a golf tee to base the little people upon. I like that they look like they’re just taking a walk in a sea of ash. What sort of desperate world are these people from? Maybe they have exciting hobbies like hunting fish with their bare hands or postage stamp collecting.

The treasure hunt for Mr. McCluckin’ was a huge success. I took several photos of things around our house and altered them using the Camera+ app on my iPhone. He was truly tricked on several occasions. Here are a few of the photos:

Well keep up the good work chums, I’m off to a magical land of hot springs that make human soup and breweries you can sleep atop, known as Glenwood Springs. I will see you next week!

Tally ho!

Henny Penny

The Fanciest Tiger of All

Good Midday Chums!

Yesterday I couldn’t help but notice that the Snowpocalypse was receding; so I popped out to see the new digs Fancy Tiger Crafts just moved into. First off, you should know that Fancy Tiger is easily one of my very favorite craft shoppes in Denver. They embrace local artists, stock up on funky fabrics, host super fun classes, and have every type of roving you could ever need. Until about a month ago they were located at Ellsworth and Broadway, now they are located a little less than a block up at 59 Broadway. The new space is HUGE in comparison to their former spot.

Now their fabric collection is easily 3 times larger, meaning there’s even more fun imports from Japan and awesome prints from Lizzy House. There are so many fun choices now I just want to take a fabric shower!

Plus there’s a whole wall of yarns, including some from Knit Collage┬áthat are simply scrumptious; so glittery and beautiful. In the past I have really felt that their collection was very knit-centric but yesterday I couldn’t help but notice all the crochet additions. My very favorite of these additions were the clay adorned hooks with fun decorations such as mustaches, petite Darth Vaders, little woodland creatures, and the obligatory balls of yarn. As best I could tell these were locally made but none of my pictures turned out (sorry internet friends).

Ooh and their felting materials are so lovely! No longer stashed upstairs, the roving has the run of a wall. All in all I would say the new space truly encourages some crafty consumerism. Project ideas abound, including some wool felted pieces that I long to turn into slippers or hats or tiny woolen monsters.

Best of all their class space has doubled. They now have 2 classrooms that are very well sized with chalkboard paint up on the walls and lovely sewing stations just waiting to teach you a new skill.

I know what you’re thinking, is Henny Penny on the Fancy Tiger take? Well no, I am just so happy to see the business growing. Whenever I’m in a craft rut I pop into the shop just to get inspired. Nowadays the place is practically humming with inspiring vibes. This Friday they are hosting their grand re-opening, if you are in Denver perhaps you should consider popping in, I know I am planning a visit.

Keep up the good internet surfing work!

Henny Penny


Craft Envy

Ahoy Friends and Cult Members!

I have been working on a few long term projects this week that aren’t very fun to look at right now (just imagine piles of fabric, steaming irons, and pins galore). As such I planned to attend the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo today and bring you information about all things rocky, sewish, and mountainful. Then the sky opened it’s giant mouth and belched 12 inches of snow over night and there’s no end in sight. With the snowpocalypse on my doorstep I’ve realized that the Hen-mobile, with it’s at best 5 inches of clearance, is probably not up to the task of getting me to the expo. This may be for the best as some of the classes offered at the expo include: pay $55 to make a sugar plum fairy ornament, turn that boring sweatshirt into a hot mess, and how to create a doll’s straw hat for just $40! It would seem that this expo is lacking the flavor of Indie crafts I personally love.

Nonetheless I was determined to triumph! So I went window shopping at the internet craft mall and thought I would share some items I am exceptionally envying. I wish these amazing creations were in my home so that I might look upon them daily and delight in their splendiferousness! Now you may enjoy them too:

Igolochkoy is the secret code name for the punch-needling I have been experimenting with for the past few years. My creations have been meager in comparison to this fabulousness I saw over at erinf115’s Etsy shop.

Not only does the Moveable Type Truck simply inspire me by it’s mere existence, it makes me want to try letterpress printing. Then I remember I have too many crafts waiting for me up in the craft coop and I am forced to move on to other lofty goals (such as putting away the laundry). Irregardless, look at the delightful posters that were created within the truck’s metal walls recently:

And last but not least, I stumbled upon this post over on Junkculture regarding the art of Alex Gross. Isn’t it magnificent? I have always loved vintage sepia images and now they are even more stupendous! Who knew superheros were hiding in old photos, other than Alex Gross? Bravo I say!

Well that’s all for now! Hope you have a delightful day despite the snowpocalypse.


Henny Penny