What Else?

Salutations Lovely Readers,

Where on Earth have I been? Mostly I have been sulking in bed with a nasty sinus infection. I was convinced my superior immune system could fight it off without the aid of medicine. Alas, I was wrong and a week and a half later I submitted to a good old fashioned doctoring and came home with drugs. Piles and piles of drugs. Huzzah!

Needless to say the craftiverse and I haven’t been hanging out much during my infirmary period, but I thought you might like to know what I have been up to otherwise. Ooh and this week I tried to make all the pictures roughly 7% lovelier, do enjoy.

First off Mr. McCluckin’ really proved his title of Exceedingly Generous Ultimate Husband by buying me a car. The short version of this story goes like this: we have a bit of pillow chat about how I am sad roughly 2 weeks ago, the next day he buys me a car to make me happy!* And what a car, I am the proud owner of a Mini Cooper S. It’s used but who cares? I promptly named my fine little lady Jujubee the Honey Badger or Jujubadger for short. I am so content. Clearly he is due some crafty goodness as thanks.

Next up on the roster, I went to the zoo with several neighborhood scamps, including the Wee Vs and Mrs. Ryan. I refused to take pictures of anything caged, so in other words all I have to show for it is a picture of a peacock. Mysteriously I received my infection a day or so after the zoo, so what does that mean? You can never trust a caged gorilla. Yes I made out with a gorilla, what’s it to you?

Then there’s the discovery of the exciting and thoroughly delicious Gnome’s Nook, a small shoppe of candy and gnomes here in Denver. As best as I can tell the gnomes are afraid of the internet as their website doesn’t offer too much, meaning you will need to pop in to learn why it’s so magnificent. The entry level is painted as the forest floor and the second story is the forest canopy, also that’s where they keep the candy. All they sell are gnomes and candy, but soon they plan to offer craft classes. I intend to visit them again quite soon.

The only crafty business I have been up to is winding two skeins of yarn into balls. I bought the skeins on holiday and neglected to ask the wool mistress to use her ball winder at the time. I have been kicking myself ever since. I simply can’t understand how to make a nice even round ball. What ever did we do without ball winders?

Oh and in other news, I have decided to become an expert in something. I am open to suggestions. So far I was tossing around learning all about the steam engine or the theoretical concept of crepe making (no actual making of crepes). Then again perhaps I should trust my instincts and work on ingesting all there is to learn about some form of craftiness. The history of wool carding might be a fine start.

Well I am off to enjoy the meatloaf!


Henny Penny

*The long version of the story goes like this: the hen house has been living the good life with only 1 vehicle and 2 commuters for the past 2 or so years. At the dawn of 2012 the ever-so-wise-and-not-ridiculous-in-any-way-transit-system canceled the bus that dropped Mr. McCluckin’ off at the salt mines. Not only did they cancel it they failed to offer any alternative to get him within a mile and a half of his bossman. Then I came down with a case of the blues and we started talking about all the changes I would like to make. Not once did I say “let’s get a mini cooper because everything little is delightful.” But his magic rooster ears heard my secret pining (so secret I wasn’t even aware it was present) and went out to fulfill dreams. Presto! Jujubadger arrived with a pretty red bow! The End



Brushstrokes and Boozehounds

Salutations Chums and Secret Crushes,

Isn’t it odd how when you least expect something fuzzy and wonderful you manage to stumble upon a puppy in a top hat? You see I was bemoaning the loss of crafty friends to Mr. McCluckin’ on Wednesday evening, then like magic Friday arrived and my lady pals suggested an impromptu painting party. I checked with the mister and apparently he didn’t set it up at all. Just kismet!

Now you may have had a similar situation to ours here in Denver wherein a cavalcade of painting and boozing it up shoppes have opened in the past 2 years. We have Canvas and Cocktails, Acrylics and Vodka, Canvas and Corkscrews, Brushstrokes and Boozehounds, Sip ‘n Paint, and many more. So when the ladies I was to meet up with randomly decided they longed for an evening of apron wearing, Riesling swilling, and acrylic paint using; I was amazed to realize every spot was booked. I however suggested we just purchase canvasses (or is that canvasi?) and use up some of my many paints.

WARNING: The following contains poorly taken photos that are on occasion blurry, not centered, and sort of a hot mess. Sorry, but there was wine and you aren’t reading a photography blog. Smooches! HP

My pals for the evening were an even mix of new people I had yet to meet and classy lasses I had luckily known prior. We ate some Asian food, bought some oven baked turnovers and lactose free ice cream, and ran away to paint. Penelope Cruz* had attended no less than 4 painting and drinking classes and offered to host so she acted as instructor. Everyone took up brushes and away we went to Artistic Town!

The delightful Macy Gray* had not painted prior but turned in for her project a lovely flower scene.



Selma Hayek* took to painting like a fish takes to parading (which is to say well as we all know fish make the best drum leaders) and produced an insatiable dinosaur portrait, soundly taking second place in the competition of creativity.

Our leader, Ms. Cruz* also chose a flower scene; it had an abstractness to it that truly defined her aesthetic style.






I offered up a bird wearing a dunce cap that is still not quite finished. The poor fellow has no eye!



Our first place winner was Miss Halle Berry* with her stirring fat unicorn chasing the winged ice cream cone creation.

It was a very delightful evening and we all went home late and a little punch/wine drunk! Now the girls are even considering a stitch-n-bitch. Can you believe the luck?


Cheerios friends, and good luck out there in internetopia.

Henny Penny

*Some names may have been changed to protect the innocent ladies with whom I am known to mingle. Also, I forgot to ask if I could use their names so enjoy these names instead!



What Else?

Dearest Readers,

I am sure you have been wondering what’s been crackin’ here at the hen house. Well I would never leave you in the dark. I am up to my elbows in fabric for a quilt I promised far too many months ago to one of the loveliest ladies I know. Additionally I made yet another elasticized item to strap to your face, an eye patch for a youngin’ living up in Canada. Then there’s the baking!

As best as I can tell Colorado has decided to remind me why I have been dying to move away and that reason is snow. I love a fluffy storm about once a year to roll around in and participate in a few shenanigans, but you’ll note I said once per year. Alas, 2012 has been the year of the never leaving snowdrift. Just as the snow has nearly melted to smithereens and all we have left are the huge drifts and piles created from shoveling, we get another crappy storm. Sure it’s personified calmness as it falls, and yes it’s nice to look out on a scene of snow covered meadows. But let’s be honest, I live in a town home complex the only meadow I can see from my house is the weird abandoned field between me and yet another town home complex. Even the word field is not appropriate for this space it’s really more of a plot that the developers on the other side of the fence dumped a bunch of dirt on, so now it has become a hill that the coyotes apparently love. Regardless though, snow makes me want to do 3 things: drink cocoa, bake, and crochet.

That second one has really been consuming more time than it should. As I have a bit of a problem with sweets, I try not to bring too many into the house. Instead of cookies, cakes, and brownies, I am prone to baking bread of all forms. Lately I’ve discovered a quick recipe for pita bread that’s easy and sublime! It’s from the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I have a weird relationship with this book. It introduced me to bread baking 2 years ago and I haven’t gone back to store bought bread since, but sometimes I feel like the bread isn’t terribly complex. In those moments I turn to Peter Reinhart and spend weeks trying to make a starter. Either way the bread turns out delicious!

Now you might be asking yourself why on Earth would I spend so much time talking about baking when this is clearly a crafty blog. Well baking is a good deal like crafting, and I am pretending that making a sandwich is just as important as making a softie. Granted this could all just be due to the damn snow that has been distracting me from the handicraft projects lurking in the shadows.

Bundle up pals, Punxsutawney Phil says we’re in for the long haul!

Henny Penny