Junelillium Falcons

Yodel-lady-hoo to you!

All things are coming up Henny Penny this week. Here are just a few of the spectacular happenings of the past few days:

1) Hester the Nester’s eggs hatched revealing wolverines with beaks. The little chicks are a bit weird looking, but as a non-bird expert I would say they are progressing nicely.

2) Mr. McCluckin’ downloaded Kings Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, a game that was very near and dear to my heart as a wee lass. I have played quite nearly through the entire game and it’s spectacular. That said those witches in the skull cave better look out! I am coming in, and I’m not leaving without your shared eyeball.

3) Cupcakes! Today I walked/took the bus to work to honor Bike to Work Day. After I completed 4 miles of walking I decided I deserved something sweet. Luckily Cake Crumbs was open and willing to assist. Red velvet used to mean nothing to me and now I can’t live without it.

4) I’ve successfully taught the dogs how to bark in French.

5) Version 2.0 of the index card wallet is taking Mr. McCluckin’s notations to the next level. You might recall the “Hipster PDA” from an April post; well I took the same design and improved it for my ever-lovin’-McCluckin’. I upgraded the closure from sew-on-snaps to Velcro, and I stenciled a design of The Dude and Walter on the outside. My only complaint is that I made the pen loop a little too big this time, but last time it was just a wee bit too small. I suppose my third pen loop will be just right if we follow Goldilock’s law.

BOULDERDOME 2012 went swimmingly. As a special surprise we attended the Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s production of Richard III. The acting was superb, the theater delightful, but the costumes were just weird. Some characters wore very traditional Elizabethan dress and others wore weird outfits that were both modern and retro. For instance two of the characters were wearing scouting uniforms while Richard wore leather pants and jackets with mandarin collars. Ultimately, I found the costume choice distracting. Had the director chosen a theme for the clothing and stuck with it, I really feel it would have been at least 34% better. One a side note, while in Boulder I decided to purchase a new owl-adorned wallet; it is sublime.

Alright I’m off to my usual daredevil tricks. Hope you find your other shoe. Have you checked the nearest office supply store?


Henny Penny

Watching the Bird

Ahoy-hoy Fiends and Goody-two-shoes!

I have terrible and terrific news for all of you. A lovely robin has nested on the windowsill of my craft room. This is terrible because she is easily frightened by my moving about the crafty space. This is terrific because there are 4 beautiful eggs in her nest and I can’t wait to see them hatch. I’ve named her Hester the nester and she seems to be a lovely and decent bird with excellent morals. She even had a friend pay her a visit yesterday.

This has of course hindered my crafting ability of late. I managed to set up shop in a nearby abandoned coal mine and started making over a few shirts I picked up at the thrift store years ago. The first completed number has gone from plain tee-shirt to spectacular tube top. I am planning to make up a tutorial once I have worked out all the kinks. Several other shirts are on the chopping block in preparation of perfecting this approach.

What else is new in my world? So glad you asked. The answer is simple, very little. I’ve been baking bread and otherwise kicking kitchen ass. Tomorrow Mr. McCluckin’ is taking me to Boulder for an adventure we’ve titled BOULDERDOME 2012! We shall attempt such feats as tea drinking and crepe cake eating, not to mention the possibility of purchasing items from shoppes. Mainly we intend to run amok and cause trouble.

Hope you are living la vida loca. I must get some beauty rest before confronting the foothills head on.


Henny Penny

Surprise Bunting!

Howdy-do Looky-loos and Enemies,

So glad to see you again. This weekend I set up camp on the couch and put my fingers to work on a bunting. A lady friend was out of town, you might know her as Selma Hayek from a previous post, and had a birthday coming up. I personally love surprises and therefore assume all people love surprises (especially those including BRAND NEW CARS and lifetime supplies of cheese whiz). I had Saturday off and spent much of it watching Sherlock, which might I say is fan-freaking-tastic, but you probably already knew that. During my viewing I made a wee bunting to adorn my lady friend’s door.

Apparently that damnable Sherlock was too intriguing as I managed to only complete the Happy Birth portion of Happy Birthday. It was 11 pm when I finally threw in the towel. I had pretty much decided to give up and either hang what I had (hopefully confusing the neighbors into thinking there was a new baby) or finish it up later in the week and save it for another occasion. Needless to say that night held many frustrating dreams of masked men trimming paper and wearing capes of double-sided tape.

When I awoke the next morning to discover it was a complete banner hosting all the letters of Happy Birthday I was quite surprised. Was it elves? Perhaps my dogs learned how to craft overnight? It was in fact Mr. McCluckin! He woke up early and made the day which decidedly put a new and exciting spin on our day.

After he dropped me at work he popped by Selma Hayek’s home and put up her banner. All of this skulduggery and sneaksmanship was wasted when later that evening I decided I wanted to pop by just to see the bunting and low and behold Selma Hayek had just arrived home and spotted us.

Regardless of our less-than-sleuthy-ways Selma was pleased and surprised and aging all at once. We were thrilled with her reaction and perhaps now that Mr. McCluckin’ has delved into crafting we can begin a bunting assembly line for all the upcoming events in our life.

That’s all for now chums, thanks for popping by. I must venture out into the world to seek my fortune (and groceries).

Tally ho!

Henny Penny

Flow Chart-a-thon

Salutations Webernauts,

I am absolutely certain that you have been wondering what I’ve been doing all week. Well the answer to that question has three parts:

1) Working for the man

2) Participating in several chili dog eating contests

3) Playing with Mr. McCluckin’s new iPad

He has this app that allows you to draw fantastic flow charts for all of your multi-step situations in life. The app, iDesk, has a free version and a more than free version. I am sort of in love. I have added my favorite flow chart for you to enjoy.

Whelp, I’m off to slumberville, where the men are all ponies and the women have 7 eyes.

Have a lovely eve!

Henny Penny

Crafty Nuggets

Aloha Scallywags!

Ever since the Maker Faire I’ve had inspiration coming out of my wazoo. Which has created several awkward moments in public restrooms. Nonetheless my brain has been in over-drive with new ideas for my crafteria. So many in fact I haven’t had time to create any of them.

I recorded these ideas in my phone and kept up the pace of tearing tickets or walking wee dogs, as my life has required much of both lately.  While reality was holding me captive my list of inspiring ideas was growing longer and longer. I sat down to give it a look and had a moment of panic. There’s just something about lists that I find daunting. I often feel the need to complete items in order. As I read from one idea to another I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the ideas I’ve never accomplished. I have been making lists of craft ideas for years and while some things have been brought to life, others just sit gathering dust, often overlooked.

So this week I decided I needed a new approach to creative crafty time. I want to pull an idea out of a hat and just go. Zoom into the fast lane of crafty goodness and create something unique and exciting. Lists are bogging me down. In this car metaphor the list is creating one toll station after another on my highway of hot glue and embroidery floss. I just want one thing to focus on, not 20, and I don’t want to feel bad about projects left undone. I want a system where all the projects not yet completed are little nuggets of joy waiting on the horizon.

I looked all around my craft room trying to come up with some new form of inspiration organization. I considered covering a wall in cork and pinning up ideas and plans, but then all the undone crafts would be on display just as they would in a list. While I still may cover a wall in cork just to pin some of my favorite things to, I don’t want a wall of unfinished projects. Then I realized I needed to keep my ideas categorized by size and a general theory on how long they will take to complete.

Now if you were to ask Mr. McCluckin’ about my abilities to estimate time and its passing in relation to my doing something, he would tell you I’m the worst. For instance we were recently expecting friends for dinner at 6:30. At 5:15 I told him I would be back with plenty of time after driving to a not-so-nearby mall during rush hour, shopping for 2 items, then popping into a craft store for a few last minute necessities. Assuming I wasn’t distracted by anything shiny or tea-flavored on the way, I would still have had at least 40 minutes of drive time, leaving all of 35 minutes for shopping with blinders on. Nonetheless I arrived home at 7 pm with a whole bunch of stuff I hadn’t planned to buy.  Then we all spent the first half-hour of our dining time talking about my asshat-like lateness.

Considering this, I have realized that this new organization system might be a good way to work on my time-required estimation skills. We’ll call this my new Estimated Time of Craft-pletion, or ETC, program. I grabbed a few tins and started writing up craft ideas on wee slips of paper. Organizing them into ETC piles wasn’t the easiest job, but it got done. I found that if anything needed a checklist for me to envision it, it wasn’t a small project. Soon enough I had 2 tins of projects, one for small and one for medium. I also had a handful of grande project ideas that needed a place to live. After a visit to the thrift shop these big ideas had a ginormous stein to call home.

It’s so exciting to have my ideas resting, just waiting for me to pull one out and go to town. I have a wee trolley filled with short projects that will take up to 4 hours. Next in line is my medium ETC ideas taking up lodging in a school house; these projects should take no more than 2 days. Then there are the super projects that will take anything more than 2 days.

Want a sampling of my ideas? Perhaps you can vote on my ability to sort out the time needed for completion? You know, judge my ETC skills.

Small projects include: Altoid tin shrine (subject matter: my wee dogs as saints), food color bubble dyeing of 3×5 note cards, and loteria bunting.

Medium projects: 3D picture/shadowbox commemorating various trips, pop culture icon phrenology embroidery, and fabric records that can be used as hot pads.

Grande projects: a quilt for our king sized bed, creating a Mystery Mansion-esque game for personal use, and Yeti vs. Sasquatch puppets.

So what do you think? Are my ETC skills kicking ass and taking names? Maybe. Nonetheless, it’s so freeing to jot down an idea and toss it into a tin/stein where I know it’s safe and will wait for me to come claim it.

For now I am off to the weasel races. I’ve got a hot tip on a ferret named Lonely Sal in the 3rd.


Henny Penny