No Rest for the Crafty

Welcome Winners!

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic. My new digs have kept me quite busy. The fun part is that this career includes crafting. Last week I made antiqued envelopes for an upcoming photo shoot. I spent way more time than necessary getting them just right. More than likely they will be barely visible. Plus I am learning machine embroidery! It seems most of the work is in learning how to get the fancy pants machine to do your bidding. Tomorrow I am going to build a shrine to the goddess of Bernina in hopes that she will grant me luck in my stitching.

Just when I thought I had a handle on my new worky work routine it was time to visit Portland for a long weekend Mr. McCluckin’ and I planned months ago. I spent much of my time talking to seamstresses that were turning a profit or just living it up in Stumptown. More on this to come…so stay tuned blog readers!

While in Portland we slept in an apartment decked out in 60s and 70s decor. It was so sublime! The best part (for me at least) was the dressing room with a day bed to lounge upon while considering your wardrobe choice for the day. Seriously, all my little girl dreams came true!

Ta for now, I must make the sleepy face for a few hours.


Henny Penny


An A-Fair to Remember

Felicitations my fine fellows and fellowettes,

This weekend my fair city, hosted the 2nd annual Denver County Fair. Rest assured, I attended the resplendent event. I missed out on last year’s fair and have been kicking myself ever since. I love that our fair holds hundreds of competitions for anyone that loves crafting, baking, gardening, or toad hollering.

The fair ran Friday-Sunday and Mr. McCluckin’ and I made plans to attend Sunday. We took a wee friend along to help us judge how much fun a little person might find. Unfortunately we arrived about 4 hours before the end of the fair and everyone was very low energy. Nonetheless we pushed on and tried to rustle up some fun.

Adultwise there was the geek pavilion which hosted many a video game, science fiction amusements, and quite a few steampunk booths. I marveled over the little gears of steampunk creations while Mr. McCluckin’ challenged our 4-year-old companion to some old fashioned Dance Dance Revolution. We considered entering the Freak Show area but there was a demonstration of “How to Hammer Nails Into Your Nose” and decided that wasn’t appropriate for any of the age groups in our gang. Of course, shopping in the craft arena was lovely, but I didn’t find any gems.

As for our wee person, she had buckets of fun. There was a pony ride, bouncy castle mayhem, cotton candy galore, and goat feeding. She could have also enjoyed the petting zoo but opted out. We saw variations of chickens never before spied, fluffy little rabbits that looked nervous, and 2 varieties of goats.  Oh, and there was a cookie castle that had been built during the fair and Sunday afternoon they launched it from the top of a staircase to its doom. Apparently at some point a unicorn had been available but not while we were there. I later learned it was a mock unicorn, just a pony with a taped on horn.

It was also super exciting to see my colleague, Beth Bradley, win second place in the sewing competition with her fantastic purse. I wish I had been present Saturday for the speed knitting and crocheting races. Plus there was the sew something in 15 minutes challenge on Sunday that we managed to miss due to late arrival. All in all it sounds like there were many fun and exciting happenings that were missed due to poor planning on our part.

Final conclusion: Everyone I interviewed said that Saturday was a hoot. I think Sunday afternoon was just the end of a very busy weekend for most vendors. Next year I will make it a point to attend earlier in the weekend. Alas, fun could not evade us and we went home rather happy. Favorite things for each member of our group:

Mr. McCluckin’: The Blues Brothers Car, the robot building competition in which someone entered Crow T. Robot from MST3K, and the scrumptious chicken and waffles he smuggled out of the food truck roundup.

Wee Friend: The pony ride! Oh and the cotton candy.

Henny Penny: This weird little diorama titled Dr. Rabbitfoot’s Mysterious Knowledge and Information that might have been entered in competition or perhaps was just there to amuse. Clearly this is the dream house for Voodoo Ken. I also had a hoot feeding the goats. What is it about goats that makes you want to buy a herd and walk them in public? I just love the little rascals.



So that was my weekend, well mostly, I neglected to tell you about the terrible and mystifying events of Saturday. That tale is best saved for another time when there are fewer internet miles between us and when I am holding a flashlight under my chin.

Have yourself a merry little Wednesday!

Most assuredly yours,

Henny Penny

P.S. I made my first meringue pie and it was AMAZING! I intend to only eat pie from here on out, so if my crafting posts are just ways to make fluffier meringues, I apologize in advance.

Tip-typing Away

Good even tide captains and stow-aways,

My museum days have come to a close and I am now working hard for the money at 3 different sewing magazines. I cannot fathom that at the beginning of the year Mr. McCluckin’ and I were on vacation (in the Valley of Dogs, fighting for our lives) and we had a conversation about dream jobs. My list (in order of preference) included:

1) Shepherdess of a manatee/alpaca hybrid (manpaca or alitee?) flock

2) Staff at a sewing/crafting magazine

3) Carnie

4) Work from home pajama model

Now almost all of my dreams have come true. If only scientists could figure out how to breed manatees that can breathe on land, or alpacas that are skilled swimmers. My first 3 day week has been exciting, tiring, commuterific, fun, a blur, and maybe a wee bit overwhelming. I can’t wait to go into work next week and take it to the limit. I have a sewing room at the office, who could have seen that coming?

To celebrate my return to the writing world, Mr. McCluckin’ gave me the lovely gift of a typewriter from the 50s. I have named my clickety-clack machine Mr. Fantastic. I have been typing up anything imaginable on it of late. I have always loved typewriters, but seeing Silvi work on hers at Maker’s Faire sparked my interest indubitably. Just a week ago we saw a poet for hire here in Denver. He had set up shop at a local farmer’s market and was offering poems for donation. Mr. McCluckin’ and I bought a poem for our friends Team Mullis.  I have a theory of selling a typing service in which I sell people lies. Ideally these lies would be fantastical in nature as opposed to dastardly.

During my week between careers Mr. McCluckin’ and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We ate hot pot and bought each other culinary gifts. I received a new tea pot and pancake pen. The next morning I tried my hand at drawing exciting pancake figures. The unicorn looked promising until I flipped it and he lost both his horn and a leg. It would seem a bit more practice is required.

Lastly, I have been staring pretty much non-stop at the photography over at Boffoli Photography. The miniature scenes are incredible. I am so inspired to put tiny men into exciting situations.

For now though, I am off to beat back the laundry beast before an evening of boat drinks and fisticuffs.

Have yourself a merry little weekend!

Yours truly,

Henny Penny