G’day Mates and Would-be Suitors!

So October has been a hive of activity at work. We just finished taping an entire season of Sew It All TV and hosting several fabulous guests. As you may recall, I met Brini Maxwell. Though that’s not the end of the namedropping list. I also met Sue Hausmann from America Sews, we had dinner together. She likes onion rings. I managed to sneak my way into the studio on the day that the Crafty Chica was taping an episode. Kathy Cano-Murillo was so insanely nice! She even signed and gave me a copy of her latest novel, Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing. It was thanks to her that I decided to start this blog! I saw her Crafty Chica cruise and I thought “I want a cruise or at a minimum to attend this cruise!” As you well know fair readers, I started this fine blog, then my lovely boss saw this blog and soon enough I had my dream job. To complete the cycle, my dream job ended up introducing me to the Crafty Chica. Certainly this is a sign that all things are right in the world.

In other news, I found 17 kittens at a strip mall and taught them to sing Halloween carols. I hope to take the show on the road soon, but 3 of my brood keep threatening to leave me for the circus.

Also, I discovered a fun new photo app for the iPhone. Pic Stitch helps you create collages and add filters to photos to make them look extra fancy. I assembled a few of my favorite shots from a walk in the Botanic Gardens this summer into a collage just for you. It is fairly easy to use and the ads are very unobtrusive. Considering that the app is free, there’s no reason not to enjoy it every now and again.

Lastly, I finished my mittens just in time for the colder weather. As you can see, I whipped out some badass chain stitchery to make a monocle for my evil right hand mitten. I do so terribly enjoy these mittens. I may have to line them to take to Ireland. (Has this review inspired you to make some of your very own?)

That’s all for now ladies and gents! I’m off to the Jazzercise Opera, it’s a great way to stay in shape and while taking in a bit of culture.

Happy trails to you!

Henny Penny


Too Much Wonderful

Aloha Lasses and Brutes,

The past few weeks have been a resplendent rainbow of glorious happiness. First off, I leveled up in my MMOG, Miss Brickle’s Candylicious Fairietown. As a level 7 Glowworm I can behead just about any creature at or below my level with my toffee throwing stars. It’s really making the game that much better.

Secondly, my lovely and dear friend Kevin announced a Kickstarter initiative and wouldn’t you know it, he made his goal. Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t donate anyway. Visit his Dr. Zebrovski’s Hour of Power page to learn about the amazing show he will be performing very soon and near you (assuming you live in San Francisco).

Thirdmost, Cider Days struck Denver this past week with a fury not seen in years! While the day was chilly and sleetful, Mr. McCluckin’ and I ventured forth with a bag of apples to see what magic could be found. We discovered an insanely old cider press, several delightful volunteers, a few mules, and a pork chop on a stick. More than anything the cider press was the best part! Here’s how it worked:

1) Take a washed apple and break it in half on a thin metal bar. 

2) Toss the apple halves into the “chucker” or gaping maw of the apple destroying machine.

3) Turn the crank.

4) Mush up apples like it’s 1899.

5) Collect apple mush in wooden basket lined with a burlap sack.

6) Slide the wooden basket down to the press, then wheel the press down upon the apples with all the might you can muster. 

7) Watch the glorious life spirit of the apples pour forth in cider form.

8) Pour that cider into your jug.

9) Profit.

I have to admit I took all the glory and did the crank spinning. Though Mr. McCluckin’ did an admirable job of tossing apples into the chucker. Ultimately, the ingenuity of yesteryear was the star of the show. The cider press we used was from 1922, but they had some older models about.


Fourthful, following the Cider Days explosion my good and kindly husband delivered me to the Horseshoe Market. This wonderful fair only happens thrice a year. The judges seem to know exactly what I would like to buy and  offer it readily at the many booths spread about the parking lot. I found so many treasures I simply cannot describe how excited I was, despite the crappy weather. My favorite booth by far is hosted by the Clean Getaway Soap Co. Their soap is easily the best in the entire world. I prefer the Summertime Blues flavor but I am willing to branch out on occasion. This time around I picked up 3 bars of it to make it through the rest of the year, plus 1 bar of the Mahalo flavor to test the waters. The Ink Lounge also hosts a lovely booth and I found a few photos of miniature men to call me own. The best part is that the pictures were taken in Ireland, where I will soon be!

Lastly, do you know who Brini Maxwell is? You don’t? Shame on you! Go watch this video and make yourself a better person. I had the inexplicable honour of meeting her yesterday! She was in town to tape an episode of Sew It All TV. I managed to finagle my way into the studio and shake her lovely and dainty hand. Then we spoke about vintage fabric, sheath dresses, and pumpkin body shapes. She even complemented my dress. It was one of the best moments of all time.

Well that’s all the news that is news! Hope you are living la vida loca my darlings.

Farewell for now,

Henny Penny

Let Funtober Begineth!

Well hey there hooligans and germaphobes!

So glad to see you again, it has truly been ages. Woof, Blergtember is over and I have much to show for it. I spent nearly every waking moment that I hadn’t already promised to work or the chickadees auxiliary club sewing a quilt top. My promises of quilting up something lovely for one of my wee lady friends had proven quite a challenge. Despite the sore claws and lack of meal breaks, I persevered and managed to get the top together before her birthday party.

It’s a flying shuttles pattern and soon I will be shipping it away to a long arm quilter. Then I promise myself, I shall perform a quilt shunning for a solid 3 months before returning to the quarter-inch seam world. If there is one word to describe my experience quilting it would be: woof-sweet-baby-cthulhu-this-shall-be-the-death-of-me.




On to more exciting topics, like presents! Mr. McCluckin’ really decided I was due for some spoiling and surprised me all last week. Each morning he arranged for me to discover a note and a set of embroidery patterns. All of the patterns came from the Stitcher’s Revolution line of Colonial Patterns. They are so ridiculously nifty. I have many plans for their deliciousness. Maybe I’ll just take a few of the patterns to the nearest tattoerie and get the neck ink I’ve always wanted. There’s no telling what these patterns and I will be up to in the coming months.

As you may recall I encouraged you to visit the Craft Ninja‘s mitten-palooza last month. It was a day I shall never forget, and aren’t you sad you missed it? First off, Becky the HNIC (head-ninja-in-charge) was crazy nice, which might be a ploy to lure you in and kill you with craftiness. Beth, my co-worker and hopefully soon-to-be-friend, taught most of the mitten lesson. Plus she even made the pattern (download the pattern here and make mittens for your next game of hammerhead hopscotch). I started making a pair of mittens but then became very busy helping others in their quest for mittendom. Nonetheless, my mitten monsters are laid out and need a bit assistance to become handworthy, but then it’s all mittens all the time.

I intend to attend the upcoming sugar skull thunderdome project hosted by the Craft Ninja’s so here’s your chance to experience the glory of the 3 Kings Basement. RSVP soon to save a spot next to me.

In other news, I needed to have a headshot taken for my worky work and they dolled my face and hair up to the extreme. This is the most makeup I have ever worn and here’s hoping it is the most I will ever wear.

Let it be decreed, Funtober hath begun and the soon all of the fun shall be had. Let us rejoice! To the field of rakes!

Chip, chip, cheroo!

Henny Penny