A Recapping We Shall Go!

Felicitations Darlings!

It’s nearly mid November, that seems the perfect time for a Halloween recap…don’t you think? Let’s see here, this year was a little bonkers. Directly following All Hallow’s Eve I was scheduled to appear in a tutorial video for an upcoming DVD. This was so very much work that it ate my will to live for nearly 2 weeks. The worst part is I can’t show you my videos because they belong to a company that privately releases them to specially selected audiences. {Oh my, that sounds a bit nefarious, but I promise it’s all above the bar…mostly}

Let’s let the pictures do the talking for me, what do you say? Here’s a lovely set of images fromĀ my Halloween…

All right, all right perhaps I should do some of the talking. Mr. McCluckin’ and I happen to live next door to aspiring costume designers. So as the kiddies came knocking for candy we also saw our lovely next door buddy skulking about the shrubbery.





My new office loves Halloween! Seriously, loves it so much they might marry it. Here we almost all are in our Halloween finery.


Also, I decided little Miss Rita should attend Halloween festivities as an Ewok. Isn’t she the best dog modelĀ ever?

So that’s about all there is to say about Halloween. Well, I mean there was a chase through a labyrinth and a pants off dance off in the high court of Gandhiville, but that’s a tale for another day.

Toodles for now chums! I’m off to conquer horrors unknown (and have soup)!


Henny Penny