Listed Sisters

What’s cookin’ chickadees and chickadon’ts?

I’ve been mired in the bog of responsibility lately, however I thought I would pop in to give you a quick update as to the Henny and Mr. McCluckin’ whereabouts. Here’s a list of all the exciting activities we’ve been up to (most of which are true):

1) Redoing my crafty Shangri-La for a fancy magazine spread. I was selected to share my craft room in an upcoming publication. There was a fancy photo shoot and many quotations sprang from my lips. What did this really entail? About 6 hours shopping at Ikea and other curio shoppes for cute and matching organizational tools, a week’s worth of work pulling everything off the shelves and a weekend putting things back on the shelves in a delightful and enticing way. You may recall the look of my craft room from a previous post. Well things had been a-changin’ prior to the shoot and woo-whee did that speed up my time table for projects. There was so much organization, it was like a Martha Stewart wet dream. I would love to show you my new and delightful room, but I am not allowed to scoop the magazine. I promise to show you all the fancy happenings as soon as I am allowed.

2) Training the wee pooches for the next itty bitty Iditarod. It’s not too hard to get them to pull a sled and they are slowly learning what “mush” means. The worst part is getting them to leave their passenger, Madame Tatiana alone. Madame is a teacup pig and just loves riding in the sled. Our theme is “watch this tiny pig fly” I think the judges will love it! Cleo and Rita will be dressed as airplanes.

3) I have taken up the dreaded craft of knitting. After avoiding this for a solid decade, I finally figured it might be worth it to make my own socks. Plus down the road I want to make a sweater dress, so I better get my crap together. I just today borrowed my first needles and have been trying my hand at the pointy stick manipulation. I am not impressed so far.

Oliver3.5) I met this bird Oliver on Sunday.

4) Mr. McCluckin’ was nominated for a Nobel prize! Of course, by Nobel prize I mean U.S. patent and by nominated I mean submitted the necessary paperwork through his work fellows. In 3-6 years we’ll know the outcome. He’s developed a widget that clamps onto the big toe of rabid roosters. This way you always know which roosters are rabid. Granted, the frothing at the mouth and attempting to peck you to death is a sure-fire way to know which rooster is rabid, but that’s neither here no there.

5) I’ve been working on a present that’s a big surprise for someone very fancy. It involves a hoop, a needle and piles of floss. I’m sure you can guess what I’m up to.

How about you? Have you been terribly busy? Can I just say, working full time is for the bees, we birds need a rest! Well, I am about to collapse into a heap of snoring lady parts, so I best be on my way. Please tell all the children in your neighborhood that I intend to steal their candy.


Henny Penny

Craft Room Antics

How do you do Internet?

I am quite well. This week I spent an entire day cleaning and reorganizing my craft room. I also entered a cross-country bobsled race, but I have months to train for that.

My crafty haven had evolved into a hazardous area requiring hard hat, steel-toed boots, and pudding popsicles (because there’s always room for Jell-o). Hester (RIP) had been so easily frightened that in June I set up a spot downstairs for crafting. Each visit to the craft room during this period required me to don a shrubbery disguise so as not to interrupt the nesting of Groucho, Harpo, and Flo-Jo. As such, the craft room became a derelict spot and several squatters took up residence. When the squatters found my secret stash of Icelandic wool, things got ugly. I didn’t smuggle that wool legally through customs just to have it soiled by ne’er do wells looking to play cat’s cradle while singing show tunes.

With a vengeful vacuum and several hours of podcasts I took the craft room back. It was slow going and the space still feels a little crowded, but the room belongs to me once again. Enjoy this photo collage I created just for you:

All the colors on the walls are named after foods, boysenberry, celery, pumpkin spice, and hot cocoa. The yellow table in the center doesn’t match at all, but I love it, so for now it stays.

Cleaning up helped me realize that there are so many organization projects I would love to complete. For instance I could make box covers that match the wall colors, or hang a clothes line and string up my knick-knacks of inspiration. One thing’s for sure, I don’t need to go to the craft store any time soon. I have enough stuff to complete 100s of crafts. Perhaps I should host stash busting parties and charge my friends and loved ones admission to make something sublime.

Ah ha! I think I’ve hit upon an excellent get rich quick scheme. Assuming by rich I mean $7 and by quick I mean in several months.

All this talk of organization has really been exhausting. I better power up with fro-yo. To the bobsled!

So long for now, keep your chin up, don’t eat your weight in spam…etc…


Henny Penny