G’day Mates and Would-be Suitors!

So October has been a hive of activity at work. We just finished taping an entire season of Sew It All TV and hosting several fabulous guests. As you may recall, I met Brini Maxwell. Though that’s not the end of the namedropping list. I also met Sue Hausmann from America Sews, we had dinner together. She likes onion rings. I managed to sneak my way into the studio on the day that the Crafty Chica was taping an episode. Kathy Cano-Murillo was so insanely nice! She even signed and gave me a copy of her latest novel, Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing. It was thanks to her that I decided to start this blog! I saw her Crafty Chica cruise and I thought “I want a cruise or at a minimum to attend this cruise!” As you well know fair readers, I started this fine blog, then my lovely boss saw this blog and soon enough I had my dream job. To complete the cycle, my dream job ended up introducing me to the Crafty Chica. Certainly this is a sign that all things are right in the world.

In other news, I found 17 kittens at a strip mall and taught them to sing Halloween carols. I hope to take the show on the road soon, but 3 of my brood keep threatening to leave me for the circus.

Also, I discovered a fun new photo app for the iPhone. Pic Stitch helps you create collages and add filters to photos to make them look extra fancy. I assembled a few of my favorite shots from a walk in the Botanic Gardens this summer into a collage just for you. It is fairly easy to use and the ads are very unobtrusive. Considering that the app is free, there’s no reason not to enjoy it every now and again.

Lastly, I finished my mittens just in time for the colder weather. As you can see, I whipped out some badass chain stitchery to make a monocle for my evil right hand mitten. I do so terribly enjoy these mittens. I may have to line them to take to Ireland. (Has this review inspired you to make some of your very own?)

That’s all for now ladies and gents! I’m off to the Jazzercise Opera, it’s a great way to stay in shape and while taking in a bit of culture.

Happy trails to you!

Henny Penny


A Letter in Three Parts

Dearest Readers and Skimmers,

I would like to start my blog today with some complaints, followed by superb news, then wrap the whole thing up with a fun use of technology. For your reading pleasure I have labeled the following parts and you are welcome to skip the ones that don’t concern you. So here we go…

Let’s start out on the wrong foot with a few Complaints:

Tearing tickets and selling tickets at the museum, once an exciting port of call for my resume, has recently been a bit less than perfect. Nearly everyone on the ticket slinging team has been out of town creating goofy schedules aplenty. Meaning my free time for crafting and speaking sweetly to my sewing machine has shifted from regularly to nearly never.

Also, I would like to complain about the earwigs that invaded my in-laws porch. Whenever we stop by to say hi the earwigs visit us and are creepy.

Let’s see, I would also like to take a moment to argue that honey is way to slow at leaving it’s happy bear home. Get a move on honey.

With that said I think it’s time for some Superb News:

During the past 2 weeks I have also been applying, researching, and thinking nonstop about a job opportunity I spied on All of that mental energy paid off, I am now the editorial assistant for Sew News, Sew It All, and Creative Machine Embroidery. Well technically speaking I will be after my last 2 weeks at the museum. Can you believe it? I am joining an awesome team that might just be made up of unicorns and sewing wizards. Soon I will be paid to sew and write. Huzzah!

Now would be the perfect time to discuss Technology:

Mr. McCluckin’ downloaded the Craft Studio app from Martha Stewart. I gave the app a test drive and it is rather fun. I am not the biggest Martha Stewart fan, but this app is clean, cute and has many options for killing time. Maybe you need to wait in line often, well this iPad app is for you! Consider using this app to create and spread propaganda about your least favorite relatives. How about running your campaign for HOA president with elegantly and virtually crafted cards?

Basically the app allows users to use photos in a lay out that is similar to a scrapbook page. You can print using a variety of means and there’s a tutorial video with Martha narrating. I made three little cards just to get my bearings. I have to say the glitter shaking is clever. Whenever you use glitter you write with a pen then shake the entire iPad as though it were an etch-a-sketch to glue down your chosen shade of glitter. Of course, the app would like your money. There are several theme packs to buy filled with different stickers and stamps to help you create the cards of your crafty dreams. I haven’t purchased any yet, but maybe someday when I am in need of a summer camp theme or disco laser theme, I’ll hop over to the shop. Right now the app is free, but not for long, eventually it will cost $4.99.

That’s all I have time for today. Watch out, because next week will be craft-licious. Best of luck in your upcoming llama race!


Henny Penny

Zombie Protection Plan

Good news everyone!

I have tinkered a bit more with the Grafio app and created another flowchart for your amusement. This one is a call out to my favorite internet-lebrity Leslie Hall and her band Leslie and the Lys. While I prefer “This Is How We Go Out” due to its many crafty lyrics, this flowchart is an homage to her smooth jam known as “Zombie Killer.”

So there you have it! Perhaps this will enhance your Monday. Perhaps you’ve just realized you’re a zombie, if so look out! I’m off to make all my dreams come true.

Have the best day ever!

Fare thee well,

Henny Penny

Flow Chart-a-thon

Salutations Webernauts,

I am absolutely certain that you have been wondering what I’ve been doing all week. Well the answer to that question has three parts:

1) Working for the man

2) Participating in several chili dog eating contests

3) Playing with Mr. McCluckin’s new iPad

He has this app that allows you to draw fantastic flow charts for all of your multi-step situations in life. The app, iDesk, has a free version and a more than free version. I am sort of in love. I have added my favorite flow chart for you to enjoy.

Whelp, I’m off to slumberville, where the men are all ponies and the women have 7 eyes.

Have a lovely eve!

Henny Penny