Look Out Craftiverse, Here I Come!

The handicrafts I managed to get photos of from 2011.

The handicrafts I managed to get photos of from 2011.

Hello 2012,

Glad to see you! I think we should start out on the right foot by comparing you to 2011 and hopefully intimidating you into being the best 2012 you can be. Last year had a great deal of excitement: there was that 3 hour tour I took that lasted 4 hours, the opening of my general store and then the prompt closure due to health violations (who knew meat pops had to remain frozen?), and of course my interview with Mr. Yeti of North Dakota, whom turned out to be just a guy with a funny name (and not a fantastical beast of legend). With all of those exciting happenings it’s hard to believe I had any time to craft at all.

I in fact found quite a bit of time to handicraft-it-up thanks to my hours spent consoling the uncrafty at Uncrafty Anonymous. Of course, many of the members thought I was just showing off and as Hortence put it “rubbing hot glue in their uncrafty wounds.” Regardless of my former group’s feelings I am happy to report that 2011 brought a variety of crafts and new experiments into my life. Delving into the salve and skincare arena was quite exciting and challenging, not to mention smellful. Mr. McCluckin’ seemed to enjoy the fruits of my salve labors and is begging me to make more. Needle felting was also a highlight with the creation of several hair clips to adorn the tresses of only the fanciest of ladies. Not to mention that giant purse I made then camped out in for 3 days (I really should learn more about water-proofing).

2011 also introduced formal education in the form of a few sewing classes at a local trade school. Despite my excitement, the classes didn’t end up being as enticing as they seemed. I am told that the higher level classes are far more engaging, but the preliminary coarse work was grating beyond belief. I can’t promise to return to that particular trade school, but I do promise to learn buckets of things, 2012.

So what do you say? Shall we make a go at it? Or should I power down until 2013? I say onward and upward! Let’s get to making things bright and merry all year long.

Henny Penny