Meet Kotomi!

Well hello there Internet pals!

Today I bring you the good news that I happen to be acquainted with a very charming artist known as Kotomi Yoshida. She’s skilled in ways I can only imagine as she has a knack for creating fanciful clothes for hip folks. I am lucky enough to work with her at the museum.

We were in between moments of ticket duties when I noticed she was stitching away on the most delightful little felt food. She warns it is still in progress but allowed me to take a photo.

Here in the Mile High City Kotomi is easily one of the up and coming fashion stars. She has participated in several shows and as best I can tell she does most of the sewing by hand. Her specialty is recycling old garments into new futuristic items with the addition of all sorts of exciting bits and baubles. Check out her Etsy shop to get a feel for her style and you’ll see she has a distinctive flavor.

As I am not a member of the high fashion world, unless you are speaking of the pajama high fashion world that is, I am continuously impressed by her work. She was born in Japan and I feel many of her pieces are inspired by Japanese themes. Furthermore she’s simply a lovely person. Nonetheless we (meaning me) here at Hen On The Town salute you Kotomi! May you find fortune, unicorns, and all of your lost socks!


Henny Penny