Whimsical Tidings!

Ahoy there Internet Lubbers!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday! Wait, is it Thursday where you are? Maybe I accidentally jumped into the future. Nonetheless, I wanted to bring you a few newsical notes from the desk of moi. So here I am and here you are and here we go…

  • Last week I stitched up a bra in just under 9 hours. It’s a doozy of a bra and while attending the class I definitely drank the “sew your own bra, love your boobs” kool-aid. I of course, continue to love my boobs, but I am not so sure I want to start sewing bras all the time. You never know what the future may hold! I could grow a third boob and then I would definitely need a specially made bra. At least I have the skills to handle that triboob situation. Soon though, you will see a bra sewing-stravaganza in an issue of Ye Olde Periodical (for which I am gainfully employed) and it will be authored by moi.

    Hooray for fun!

    Hooray for fun!

  • A few weeks ago I made this bad ass card. It’s rather fancy wouldn’t you say? I’ve been thinking of posting a tutorial on how to make it. Might you like to know the secrets of my card making ways?
  • This week I have been obsessing over WhimseyBox! It’s a crafts by mail subscription service. Once per month I will receive a box with a complete craft inside. I will of course immediately plunder the contents, revel in all the glory and love the crap out of my creation. Why? Because if there’s nothing I love more than crafting it’s mystery crafting. Want to join in on the fun? Normally boxes cost $15 per month, but if you click here you can get a box for only $5 (and to be perfectly honest I will get a free box if you sign up, however you qualify for this same offer as soon as you sign up, so if we keep the crafting chain going we’ll all have free crafty boxes and giant crafting parties [wow this is a long parenthetical add on]).
  • Secrets, secrets! I have been working on so many secret projects lately I can’t stand it! I want to show you all of them and reveal my world of craftiness. Alas, of you fine few readers out there these gifts are for 12% of you, so you’ll just have to wait.
  • Do you know of Alie and Georgia? They are super-duperly fantastic gal pals from California! Here are the ways in which they are fantastic:
    Alie and Georgia! (Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel, click this photo to see more Cooking Channel).

    Alie and Georgia! (Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel, click to see more Cooking Channel).

    They invent fancy-ass cocktails for your mouth to love.
    They podcast from a pillow/blanket fort.
    They wear the cutest dresses ever.
    They are friends with fabulous people like Hannah Hart (of My Drunk Kitchen) and Mamrie Hart (of You Deserve a Drink).
    They have a brand new show about traveling, drinking and being BFFs! We should have a viewing party, what do you say? I’ll bring the liquor cabinet, you bring the ice!

So that’s that!

Now you know what’s been rattling around the treasure chest I call a skull. I must leave you for my MLM (Maniacal Ladies in Masks) meeting. Are you a member? I might never know! If you are wink thrice at me then offer me a cup of loathing punch. If it is I behind the mask I will respond by drinking the punch in one gulp and belching the maniacal alphabet.

Toodle Loo Darlings!


Henny Penny



No Rest for the Crafty

Welcome Winners!

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic. My new digs have kept me quite busy. The fun part is that this career includes crafting. Last week I made antiqued envelopes for an upcoming photo shoot. I spent way more time than necessary getting them just right. More than likely they will be barely visible. Plus I am learning machine embroidery! It seems most of the work is in learning how to get the fancy pants machine to do your bidding. Tomorrow I am going to build a shrine to the goddess of Bernina in hopes that she will grant me luck in my stitching.

Just when I thought I had a handle on my new worky work routine it was time to visit Portland for a long weekend Mr. McCluckin’ and I planned months ago. I spent much of my time talking to seamstresses that were turning a profit or just living it up in Stumptown. More on this to come…so stay tuned blog readers!

While in Portland we slept in an apartment decked out in 60s and 70s decor. It was so sublime! The best part (for me at least) was the dressing room with a day bed to lounge upon while considering your wardrobe choice for the day. Seriously, all my little girl dreams came true!

Ta for now, I must make the sleepy face for a few hours.


Henny Penny


Surprise Bunting!

Howdy-do Looky-loos and Enemies,

So glad to see you again. This weekend I set up camp on the couch and put my fingers to work on a bunting. A lady friend was out of town, you might know her as Selma Hayek from a previous post, and had a birthday coming up. I personally love surprises and therefore assume all people love surprises (especially those including BRAND NEW CARS and lifetime supplies of cheese whiz). I had Saturday off and spent much of it watching Sherlock, which might I say is fan-freaking-tastic, but you probably already knew that. During my viewing I made a wee bunting to adorn my lady friend’s door.

Apparently that damnable Sherlock was too intriguing as I managed to only complete the Happy Birth portion of Happy Birthday. It was 11 pm when I finally threw in the towel. I had pretty much decided to give up and either hang what I had (hopefully confusing the neighbors into thinking there was a new baby) or finish it up later in the week and save it for another occasion. Needless to say that night held many frustrating dreams of masked men trimming paper and wearing capes of double-sided tape.

When I awoke the next morning to discover it was a complete banner hosting all the letters of Happy Birthday I was quite surprised. Was it elves? Perhaps my dogs learned how to craft overnight? It was in fact Mr. McCluckin! He woke up early and made the day which decidedly put a new and exciting spin on our day.

After he dropped me at work he popped by Selma Hayek’s home and put up her banner. All of this skulduggery and sneaksmanship was wasted when later that evening I decided I wanted to pop by just to see the bunting and low and behold Selma Hayek had just arrived home and spotted us.

Regardless of our less-than-sleuthy-ways Selma was pleased and surprised and aging all at once. We were thrilled with her reaction and perhaps now that Mr. McCluckin’ has delved into crafting we can begin a bunting assembly line for all the upcoming events in our life.

That’s all for now chums, thanks for popping by. I must venture out into the world to seek my fortune (and groceries).

Tally ho!

Henny Penny