Photos Galore!

Mele Kilikimaka Lords and Ladies!

You simply would not believe the past two weeks of my life. First I had the stomach flu, which was ever so delightful…no wait I mean terrible. Then I tried my level best to get caught up at the office, only to realize the office doesn’t actually have a status of “caught up” merely “barely holding onto a scrap of sanity.” Of course I also had a lovely and dear friend come visit, Baron Fluffernutter. He’s such a sweetheart!

Now the house is empty of both friends, family and well-lit trees and I’ve managed to pull together a few photo albums for you. First up here’s a collage of all the projects I managed to take pictures of in 2012. It’s quite astounding how much I made. All year it felt like nothing, but now look there’s quite a few things to show for my efforts.


Next up, here’s a lovely album of Dino-Irish-Mite! from my recent travels abroad. I decided I simply couldn’t depart without a few wee plastic friends. Each day I took pictures of things that tickled me or were of significance to the trip. Before looking through these, it’s best that you fix yourself some strong black tea. You’ll need it to fully experience my Irish travels, because to be honest I was so caffeinated while in Ireland I can hardly remember a thing!

Lastly, all of the photos of humans and monuments were placed in this album. It’s a bit of an image dump right now, but I will soon find time to weed out the duplicates and add captions.

Well loveys, I must make my way to Slumbertown, I hear there’s a phenomenal band playing tonight. Jem and the Holograms? Yes I think that’s what they were called. Supposedly they are really excellent keytar players. Have a lovely night everyone and remember, if you find that your armchair is sticky there’s probably a child hiding near by waiting to smother you in jam. Either that or something has gone terribly awry in the life of your armchair and it may need an upholstery medic stat!

Tally ho!

Henny Penny

For All the Lovers Out There

Aloha Readers and Accidental Clickers,

As yesterday was Valentine’s day my fingers were up to love inspired things. I tore the craft room apart fashioning an outfit that was alluring and domestic. Nothing says “I love you sugar daddy” like a see through chefs hat made out of the finest crocheted mesh my fingers could muster. Alas that little gem was torn to shreds during the evening’s festivities. As for the other item I made, I had to wait for Mr. McCluckin’ to complete his Valentine’s day treasure hunt before I could post this exciting blog entry. Hope your holiday was filled with whatever form of love you prefer. Maybe you’re into tropical fishes, or celery popsicles, or you just can’t get enough fake grass in your life, whatever your love might be, let’s celebrate it!

I happen to especially heart the number one rooster in my life, Mr. McCluckin’. He’s really a swell fellow and this Valentine’s day he gifted me with something quite astonishing, a trip to Maker’s Faire San Francisco! Can you believe it? I’ve not spent any extensive time in San Francisco and to be honest this trip will mostly involve sleeping, eating, and visiting the faire, but either way the city by the bay and I will be sure to cozy up this May.

I had no idea he was planning something so grand. I made him a tiny little diorama using ash we brought back from Iceland in 2010. You may recall the giant angry volcano that was causing so much European air traffic trouble? Well we happened to be in Iceland during that same time and of course we went out to take a peek at the eruption. All we could see was an ash cloud and hear it’s angry bellowing. Though while traipsing about the exploding countryside we collected a sandwich baggie of freshly minted ash before departing to safer distances.

The skewed look is so divine!

I used an IKEA glass jar I’ve had for a few years and a golf tee to base the little people upon. I like that they look like they’re just taking a walk in a sea of ash. What sort of desperate world are these people from? Maybe they have exciting hobbies like hunting fish with their bare hands or postage stamp collecting.

The treasure hunt for Mr. McCluckin’ was a huge success. I took several photos of things around our house and altered them using the Camera+ app on my iPhone. He was truly tricked on several occasions. Here are a few of the photos:

Well keep up the good work chums, I’m off to a magical land of hot springs that make human soup and breweries you can sleep atop, known as Glenwood Springs. I will see you next week!

Tally ho!

Henny Penny

Needling Away

As I was attaching his arm I realized little Thulu looked a bit dictatorial.

Would you look at that, a week went by and I didn’t pop in to say hello. I hate to say we’re off to a bad start, but that’s clearly the situation. Ah well, I’m here now to tell you about my adventures in Crafty Town over the past while.

First off I completed a few needle felted fellows of note. There’s little Thulu, a future world leader to be sure and his birdlike friends, feathery and malevolent fiends. I’ve learned the blue fellow is called Jerry but his given name is Witherford the 14th Earl of Downyfield. It would appear that he has quite a seedy past. His half-step-uncle cried fowl play when he found Jerry standing over his sleeping half-step-aunt. Turns out she hadn’t slept a wink in 20 years and the entire family was convinced she was dead when she finally went down for a few winks. Mayhaps Jerry had something to do with it, or it could be he was just in the wrong nap nest at the wrong nap time. The maroon bloke, Carlos, has recently been let out on parole after a hefty sentence for 1st degree littering. Needless to say he’s one hard-boiled brother. The three of them have been terrorizing my plant stand for the past few days but are now off to meet their new families through my adopt-a-felted-felon program.

Also I received as a gift an Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S photo taking robot. My first photos are now hanging on one of the most discerning fridges I’ve ever met. I look forward to inventing projects for this camera. So far I am delighted with the little machine. It’s easy to load, even if you haven’t loaded film into a camera in say 10 years or more. The directions are printed in both word form and simple picture form, which is nice in case I decide to drink my way to delirium and then schedule a tiny photo shoot. The credit card sized photos are so much fun and remind me of yesteryear when camera robots spit out your images immediately. Having to really consider the composition of your image is adding a bit of worry to my photo taking. Since the advent and massive distribution of digital cameras, I haven’t really concerned myself with getting my photo right on the first shot. Careful use of the film is upping the ante, but the photos are worth it. Plus think of all the fun that can be had taking inappropriate pictures and mailing them to your confused relatives.

That’s all for now, hope you have fun out there in the cold sea of the internet!

Henny Penny