Let Funtober Begineth!

Well hey there hooligans and germaphobes!

So glad to see you again, it has truly been ages. Woof, Blergtember is over and I have much to show for it. I spent nearly every waking moment that I hadn’t already promised to work or the chickadees auxiliary club sewing a quilt top. My promises of quilting up something lovely for one of my wee lady friends had proven quite a challenge. Despite the sore claws and lack of meal breaks, I persevered and managed to get the top together before her birthday party.

It’s a flying shuttles pattern and soon I will be shipping it away to a long arm quilter. Then I promise myself, I shall perform a quilt shunning for a solid 3 months before returning to the quarter-inch seam world. If there is one word to describe my experience quilting it would be: woof-sweet-baby-cthulhu-this-shall-be-the-death-of-me.




On to more exciting topics, like presents! Mr. McCluckin’ really decided I was due for some spoiling and surprised me all last week. Each morning he arranged for me to discover a note and a set of embroidery patterns. All of the patterns came from the Stitcher’s Revolution line of Colonial Patterns. They are so ridiculously nifty. I have many plans for their deliciousness. Maybe I’ll just take a few of the patterns to the nearest tattoerie and get the neck ink I’ve always wanted. There’s no telling what these patterns and I will be up to in the coming months.

As you may recall I encouraged you to┬ávisit the Craft Ninja‘s mitten-palooza last month. It was a day I shall never forget, and aren’t you sad you missed it? First off, Becky the HNIC (head-ninja-in-charge) was crazy nice, which might be a ploy to lure you in and kill you with craftiness. Beth, my co-worker and hopefully soon-to-be-friend, taught most of the mitten lesson. Plus she even made the pattern (download the pattern here and make mittens for your next game of hammerhead hopscotch). I started making a pair of mittens but then became very busy helping others in their quest for mittendom. Nonetheless, my mitten monsters are laid out and need a bit assistance to become handworthy, but then it’s all mittens all the time.

I intend to attend the upcoming sugar skull thunderdome project hosted by the Craft Ninja’s so here’s your chance to experience the glory of the 3 Kings Basement. RSVP soon to save a spot next to me.

In other news, I needed to have a headshot taken for my worky work and they dolled my face and hair up to the extreme. This is the most makeup I have ever worn and here’s hoping it is the most I will ever wear.

Let it be decreed, Funtober hath begun and the soon all of the fun shall be had. Let us rejoice! To the field of rakes!

Chip, chip, cheroo!

Henny Penny