Spinning yarns and such…

Salutations lonely internet ghosts,

I just got back from a night drive across the dam with the sunroof open. Of course I was blasting some sweet Tom Jones as I cruised along the nearby reservoir. Also, I saw 3 weredolphins.

Then I realized I should tell you about my recent craft outing! I heard a rumor from a tiny bird inside the mouth of a hippopotamus that the Denver County Fair had teamed up with Fancy Tiger to offer a few craft workshops. Last week I registered for the Spinning 101 class thinking it might be a great way to meet single men. As it turns out I’m married, also no men attended the class. That said I learned quite a bit and I was lucky enough to have Jaime, one of the owners of Fancy Tiger, as my teacher.

She busted out a few drop spindles and we went to town on some nearby roving. Now why would you want to learn to spin? Well you can make your own yarn of course! I know you have tons of yarn at home hiding in your stash waiting to be used, but those yarns won’t be imperfect and riddled with your love. Also, Jaime informed us it would be very meditative. Not to mention you can work your way up the spinning corporate ladder to making art yarn with bits of twigs, Lilliputians, and candy hidden inside it.



I highly enjoyed giving this skill a go. I learned a few things about myself:

A) I can’t remember which direction I started spinning something and therefore am good at unspinning yarn.

B) I do not want to make thin yarns…ever

C) I may never detach my new “yarn” from it’s spindle, it looks so nice right now, like a hairball on a stick. 

Maybe spinning isn’t for me, but it was an affordable class and I enjoyed learning more about yarn. At a minimum I didn’t have to pay for parking and I sniffed some waffle cones on my way home. Then of course I changed form into my werewaffle shape and hunted the syrupy goodness I so often crave.

Whelp I’m off to darn some trash bags.

Have a lovely mid-evening!

Henny Penny