Watching the Bird

Ahoy-hoy Fiends and Goody-two-shoes!

I have terrible and terrific news for all of you. A lovely robin has nested on the windowsill of my craft room. This is terrible because she is easily frightened by my moving about the crafty space. This is terrific because there are 4 beautiful eggs in her nest and I can’t wait to see them hatch. I’ve named her Hester the nester and she seems to be a lovely and decent bird with excellent morals. She even had a friend pay her a visit yesterday.

This has of course hindered my crafting ability of late. I managed to set up shop in a nearby abandoned coal mine and started making over a few shirts I picked up at the thrift store years ago. The first completed number has gone from plain tee-shirt to spectacular tube top. I am planning to make up a tutorial once I have worked out all the kinks. Several other shirts are on the chopping block in preparation of perfecting this approach.

What else is new in my world? So glad you asked. The answer is simple, very little. I’ve been baking bread and otherwise kicking kitchen ass. Tomorrow Mr. McCluckin’ is taking me to Boulder for an adventure we’ve titled BOULDERDOME 2012! We shall attempt such feats as tea drinking and crepe cake eating, not to mention the possibility of purchasing items from shoppes. Mainly we intend to run amok and cause trouble.

Hope you are living la vida loca. I must get some beauty rest before confronting the foothills head on.


Henny Penny