Yarnderful News Everyone!

Felicitations Lords and Ladies of the Virturealm,

I have been ill (again) with a double Dutch ear infection. It took 20 days to convince my ears to pop. So in other words, my ears thought we were on the longest plane ride in history. Additionally, I have been caught up in the Oompa Loompa-lympics. Despite my agreement to read and not watch ye olde boob tube this year (have you visited Under Library Arrest lately? No? Shame on you!) I can’t pull myself away. In fact I missed work last week to watch the live stream of the downhill slurpee slalom. Those little green-haired fellows sure have winter sporting skills! Next week the ice dancing at fudgesicle lake begins. I can hardly wait!


In the craftiverse I have been caught up in yarn like you wouldn’t believe. Much like a curious kitten trapped in a knitting basket, yarn has me in its clutches. Cold weather always makes me yearn for yarn. I made a thank you headband for my delightful neighbor. The headband is a wide chevron stitch made from two shades of blue, finished off with a touch of single crochet rows. I might post a pattern here if I make another.


I tried out a bit of Tunisian crochet and hooked up a washcloth. The basic Tunisian stitch makes such a delightfully graphic pattern. Though I am still not certain I am finishing my rows correctly. I made a little video of my crochet attempt, hopefully showing my incorrect end technique.


Lastly, I’ve plotted a breakfast food scarf. I have one toast so far, but I am not certain I have the colors right. I made a video of this as well. Should the toast stand alone? Is the butter invited? You decide!

Speaking of videos, my darling Mr. McCluckin’ happened upon an intriguing app while traipsing about the app shoppe. Vine records 6 second videos that repeat continuously. It’s so simple but so much fun. I’ve been making them non-stop for since my discovery of the app. Soon I hope to purchase a submarine to make 6 second videos about creepy fish and torpedoes. Think of all the fun to be had! I’ll be posting my videos on twitter as I make them so perhaps you should consider following me? I’m known around those parts as @henonthetown.

My, look at the time. I best be off, the Oompa Loompa Choco Taco hurling match is about to begin and I simply can’t miss it. So have a lovely evening, and I can’t wait to see you again.

All the best,

Henny Penny

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  1. I’m not a fan of 2013 either. If there were a war, I’d fight against it. I blame one of the tribes from MesoAmerica. They’re always getting involved in our lives because they hate our freedom. Lousy Olmec-Mayan-Aztec jerks.

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