A Victorious Return

What’s Shakin’ Cats and Kittens?

Did you miss me while I was away on an unannounced hiatus? I certainly missed you! Let me tell you my tale of sorrow, joy, hope and pudding pops. Recently, while on holiday in the lush gardens of AstroturfTopia I was accidentally swallowed whole by a giant sloth. I messily made my way through the belly of the beast (having luckily brought a few snacks and a spot of tea in my purse) in just under 13 days. This journey was many things, stinky, enlightening, disgusting and most of all squishy. I realized when I made it back into the land of the living, that I had learned much and should share it with the world. So I sat down and composed an epic poem to post right here on this very blog. Though the scientists were soon after me. You see, I had gained an actual understanding of the inner workings of giant sloths. So I then spent a few weeks writing a dissertation on the subject to appease my academic followers. Lastly, I noticed my calendar had me schedule for a few weeks of “me time.” I had set the weeks aside to meditate on the fantastic accomplishments I have achieved and to perfect my honey mustard dressing recipe. Finally I am ready to return to your loving embrace and preach my always sensical observations.

So what have I been crafting of late? Many, many fantastic things! There were some secrety projects I will gladly announce when they grace the pages of my worky magazines (and TV shows). Then there were the terrariums. I started up quite a few wee growing things late this spring. My intention is to personalize each one for friends. The first one I made up was for cycling couple I know.


Their terrarium is filled with dwarf thyme (all the terrariums host something edible) and featured a wee picnic scene. The blanket is just a small piece of gingham oil cloth. I found a few bicycle charms online and planted them in the dirt.

TerrorAren’t wee worlds just delightful? I love them so! When in need of wee eye candy I like to take a hop, skip and bum-fizzle over to these fantastic websites:

Take a peek at this Beetlejuice Terrarium built to entice the ladies.

Enjoy these fascinating scenes from Colossal, they are wee and happtastic!

Ah to live in a matchbox garden! Such a life would be fantastic.

Christopher Boffoli is making the world a magical place with his photo taking abilities.

Whelp lords and ladies of the night, I am off to launch my first ship. It might be a dinghy but I will be sure to christen it with all the necessary pomp, don’t you worry.


Henny Penny

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