Step Into the Drawing Room

Well hey there you old goat!

You wouldn’t believe the delightful happenings here in D-town. We just hosted the infamous Secret Society Parade. I went down to get my fill and as usual was asked for 7 passwords, 14 different handshakes and had to wear an apron, a cloak and 2 masks atop one another. It was so much fun! I saw the Ye Olde Gentlemen of Verona*, had cocktails with the Ladies of Nightshade* and of course flashed the secret symbol to the Order of the Hapless Badgers*.

What else has been happening? Oh! Mr. McCluckin’ and I decided that drawing was of the utmost priority this year. So instead of renewing our education in CPR we attended a drawing lesson. It was so enlightening. Our artist teacher (tartist? areacher?…no I think the term is drawing sensei) gave a run down of basics. We learned to break images into parts and draw the general underlying shapes first. Sensei taught us the basic composition of the human face and body. There was a brief chat about shading and pen choice. It was rather fascinating. Then we broke into simply drawing shapes that came to mind, such as rabbits and broccoli farts. We soon learned that the more abstract the idea, the harder to convey in line…usually. I can honestly say it was incredibly thrilling to draw things that actually look like things (ah, my eloquence is remarkable). My favorite subject is architecture or maybe robots. The best option would be architecture that could turn into robots!

Mr. McCluckin’ wants to practice the ancient art form of Sketchnoting. He hopes to bring this meditative practice to his work environment which is rather stressful (have I told you he works at the MMMC (Mutant Monster Monitoring Center)?). Using this note taking method he could describe threat levels as graphics during meetings. Or maybe when they do have a giant lizard incoming he could demonstrate the anticipated destruction with just pen and paper. This is surely going to revolutionize his workplace!

So that’s the craftiness I’ve been up to. For now, I must remove myself from the cyber world and venture forth into the mysterious land of the library. Speaking of libraries, have you visited my other web presence Under Library Arrest? It’s a hootenanny if I do say so myself.

Well have yourself a merry little hissy fit! So long chums!


Henny Penny

*Readers that chose to partake of these secretive words take their own lives into their eyeballs. Unless of course, you presented the required secret handshakes, tattoos and were wearing the appropriate number of masks upon viewing, then you are in the clear.

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  1. Secret society, eh? Strange to post this online. Because of your impropriety, I’m not taking you to the next Rosicrucian meeting. Shit, I shouldn’t have said that. Now, I can’t go. Thanks.

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