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I have been working on a few long term projects this week that aren’t very fun to look at right now (just imagine piles of fabric, steaming irons, and pins galore). As such I planned to attend the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo today and bring you information about all things rocky, sewish, and mountainful. Then the sky opened it’s giant mouth and belched 12 inches of snow over night and there’s no end in sight. With the snowpocalypse on my doorstep I’ve realized that the Hen-mobile, with it’s at best 5 inches of clearance, is probably not up to the task of getting me to the expo. This may be for the best as some of the classes offered at the expo include: pay $55 to make a sugar plum fairy ornament, turn that boring sweatshirt into a hot mess, and how to create a doll’s straw hat for just $40! It would seem that this expo is lacking the flavor of Indie crafts I personally love.

Nonetheless I was determined to triumph! So I went window shopping at the internet craft mall and thought I would share some items I am exceptionally envying. I wish these amazing creations were in my home so that I might look upon them daily and delight in their splendiferousness! Now you may enjoy them too:

Igolochkoy is the secret code name for the punch-needling I have been experimenting with for the past few years. My creations have been meager in comparison to this fabulousness I saw over at erinf115’s Etsy shop.

Not only does the Moveable Type Truck simply inspire me by it’s mere existence, it makes me want to try letterpress printing. Then I remember I have too many crafts waiting for me up in the craft coop and I am forced to move on to other lofty goals (such as putting away the laundry). Irregardless, look at the delightful posters that were created within the truck’s metal walls recently:

And last but not least, I stumbled upon this post over on Junkculture regarding the art of Alex Gross. Isn’t it magnificent? I have always loved vintage sepia images and now they are even more stupendous! Who knew superheros were hiding in old photos, other than Alex Gross? Bravo I say!

Well that’s all for now! Hope you have a delightful day despite the snowpocalypse.


Henny Penny

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