Framing Myself


The hen house has been a hotbed of activity of late good readers. First off there was the Ravioli Festivalo! Mr. McCluckin’ and a few of our semi-famous friends made 270 cheese raviolis all in one night. Then over the course of a week the mister and I made 158 pork-lamb-beef-and-love meatballs, 3+ gallons of marinara, 47 turkey-not-dry-at-all meaballs, and 38 vegan raviolis filled with marshmallow peeps. It was hectic and meaty, not to mention sticky as all get out. Luckily the Festivalo was a hit with just a wee bit of the in-laws showing off their crazy eyes. No one was hurt in the making and no dogs escaped the house, so I call it a success. Oh and there was a cake! A red velvet number from Saveur, it was simply divine and I am quite sad to not have a photo.

Since then I have been on a tear to get ready for the upcoming trip to San Francisco. Plus I have had this insatiable desire to read. It started in March when I waded through that Olympic sized pool of illness, the downtime that ensued really encouraged page turning. Then my obsession careened into April and it would seem May is holding the same promise. Since March 1st I have read 16 books and several magazines, not to mention the nutritional panels on all my cleaning products.

It’s a wonder I’ve found time for any crafting, but you see I did make time for a little something this week. For a year of more I have been considering all the necklaces that love jumbling into one giant mess on my dresser. This week I put a stop to the tyranny of knots with a handy-dandy jewelry organizer. Basically I took an old frame that I swiped from Grimace’s love lair. Then I sanitized it, painted it plum, installed a wire backing, and laced pretty buttons onto the front.

There were a few tricks I learned as I went along. First off I thought a staple gun would hold all the mesh in place, nope, it took about a pint of hot glue and a final addition of masking tape to cover the rough edges and really firm the screen up. Secondly I first tried a heavy floral wire to attach the buttons but all that did was mess up the mesh and cause droopy button syndrome. Through a bit of trial and error I found that regular jewelry wire tied in knots with a crimp bead tossed into the mix held steady and didn’t ask too much of the screen it gripped. Lastly, if you want to paint the frame, by all means pain it BEFORE installing the screen, it will save you a mess and a great deal of time.

Now all my beloved jewels hang proudly in the corner of my boudoir. Come admire them sometime if you like, I’m sure we’re bound to host some form of Festivalo again.

I’m off to play tiddlywinks with the pooches. Do have a lovely day, I simply insist.


Henny Penny

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  1. Holy Cats! Where was my invite? I would have loved to have had a sample of the Turkey-not-dry-at-all meatballs, it just has a tasty ring to it ;o)

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