Surprise Bunting!

Howdy-do Looky-loos and Enemies,

So glad to see you again. This weekend I set up camp on the couch and put my fingers to work on a bunting. A lady friend was out of town, you might know her as Selma Hayek from a previous post, and had a birthday coming up. I personally love surprises and therefore assume all people love surprises (especially those including BRAND NEW CARS and lifetime supplies of cheese whiz). I had Saturday off and spent much of it watching Sherlock, which might I say is fan-freaking-tastic, but you probably already knew that. During my viewing I made a wee bunting to adorn my lady friend’s door.

Apparently that damnable Sherlock was too intriguing as I managed to only complete the Happy Birth portion of Happy Birthday. It was 11 pm when I finally threw in the towel. I had pretty much decided to give up and either hang what I had (hopefully confusing the neighbors into thinking there was a new baby) or finish it up later in the week and save it for another occasion. Needless to say that night held many frustrating dreams of masked men trimming paper and wearing capes of double-sided tape.

When I awoke the next morning to discover it was a complete banner hosting all the letters of Happy Birthday I was quite surprised. Was it elves? Perhaps my dogs learned how to craft overnight? It was in fact Mr. McCluckin! He woke up early and made the day which decidedly put a new and exciting spin on our day.

After he dropped me at work he popped by Selma Hayek’s home and put up her banner. All of this skulduggery and sneaksmanship was wasted when later that evening I decided I wanted to pop by just to see the bunting and low and behold Selma Hayek had just arrived home and spotted us.

Regardless of our less-than-sleuthy-ways Selma was pleased and surprised and aging all at once. We were thrilled with her reaction and perhaps now that Mr. McCluckin’ has delved into crafting we can begin a bunting assembly line for all the upcoming events in our life.

That’s all for now chums, thanks for popping by. I must venture out into the world to seek my fortune (and groceries).

Tally ho!

Henny Penny

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  1. A lifetime supply of cheese whiz! Now I am double surprised! But hopefully not doubly aged. A+++ bunting skills. Love always, Selma

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