Tip-typing Away

Good even tide captains and stow-aways,

My museum days have come to a close and I am now working hard for the money at 3 different sewing magazines. I cannot fathom that at the beginning of the year Mr. McCluckin’ and I were on vacation (in the Valley of Dogs, fighting for our lives) and we had a conversation about dream jobs. My list (in order of preference) included:

1) Shepherdess of a manatee/alpaca hybrid (manpaca or alitee?) flock

2) Staff at a sewing/crafting magazine

3) Carnie

4) Work from home pajama model

Now almost all of my dreams have come true. If only scientists could figure out how to breed manatees that can breathe on land, or alpacas that are skilled swimmers. My first 3 day week has been exciting, tiring, commuterific, fun, a blur, and maybe a wee bit overwhelming. I can’t wait to go into work next week and take it to the limit. I have a sewing room at the office, who could have seen that coming?

To celebrate my return to the writing world, Mr. McCluckin’ gave me the lovely gift of a typewriter from the 50s. I have named my clickety-clack machine Mr. Fantastic. I have been typing up anything imaginable on it of late. I have always loved typewriters, but seeing Silvi work on hers at Maker’s Faire sparked my interest indubitably. Just a week ago we saw a poet for hire here in Denver. He had set up shop at a local farmer’s market and was offering poems for donation. Mr. McCluckin’ and I bought a poem for our friends Team Mullis.  I have a theory of selling a typing service in which I sell people lies. Ideally these lies would be fantastical in nature as opposed to dastardly.

During my week between careers Mr. McCluckin’ and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We ate hot pot and bought each other culinary gifts. I received a new tea pot and pancake pen. The next morning I tried my hand at drawing exciting pancake figures. The unicorn looked promising until I flipped it and he lost both his horn and a leg. It would seem a bit more practice is required.

Lastly, I have been staring pretty much non-stop at the photography over at Boffoli Photography. The miniature scenes are incredible. I am so inspired to put tiny men into exciting situations.

For now though, I am off to beat back the laundry beast before an evening of boat drinks and fisticuffs.

Have yourself a merry little weekend!

Yours truly,

Henny Penny



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  1. It was lovely to read your fantastic blog but then I followed your link and lost myself in a world of large food and little people and now it’s way past my bedtime.

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