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Aloha Readers and Accidental Clickers,

As yesterday was Valentine’s day my fingers were up to love inspired things. I tore the craft room apart fashioning an outfit that was alluring and domestic. Nothing says “I love you sugar daddy” like a see through chefs hat made out of the finest crocheted mesh my fingers could muster. Alas that little gem was torn to shreds during the evening’s festivities. As for the other item I made, I had to wait for Mr. McCluckin’ to complete his Valentine’s day treasure hunt before I could post this exciting blog entry. Hope your holiday was filled with whatever form of love you prefer. Maybe you’re into tropical fishes, or celery popsicles, or you just can’t get enough fake grass in your life, whatever your love might be, let’s celebrate it!

I happen to especially heart the number one rooster in my life, Mr. McCluckin’. He’s really a swell fellow and this Valentine’s day he gifted me with something quite astonishing, a trip to Maker’s Faire San Francisco! Can you believe it? I’ve not spent any extensive time in San Francisco and to be honest this trip will mostly involve sleeping, eating, and visiting the faire, but either way the city by the bay and I will be sure to cozy up this May.

I had no idea he was planning something so grand. I made him a tiny little diorama using ash we brought back from Iceland in 2010. You may recall the giant angry volcano that was causing so much European air traffic trouble? Well we happened to be in Iceland during that same time and of course we went out to take a peek at the eruption. All we could see was an ash cloud and hear it’s angry bellowing. Though while traipsing about the exploding countryside we collected a sandwich baggie of freshly minted ash before departing to safer distances.

The skewed look is so divine!

I used an IKEA glass jar I’ve had for a few years and a golf tee to base the little people upon. I like that they look like they’re just taking a walk in a sea of ash. What sort of desperate world are these people from? Maybe they have exciting hobbies like hunting fish with their bare hands or postage stamp collecting.

The treasure hunt for Mr. McCluckin’ was a huge success. I took several photos of things around our house and altered them using the Camera+ app on my iPhone. He was truly tricked on several occasions. Here are a few of the photos:

Well keep up the good work chums, I’m off to a magical land of hot springs that make human soup and breweries you can sleep atop, known as Glenwood Springs. I will see you next week!

Tally ho!

Henny Penny

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