A Farewell to 2012s

Bonjourno Internet Citizens!

Well the year is quite nearly over. Can you believe we made it through Ragnorak? I didn’t think we could, but as it turns out the magic was inside us the whole time. We didn’t even need the “hubcap of ultimate power,” it was in fact useless.

InfinityThis holiday season was a blur! My tip to you, fair readers, is do not visit another mystical land for 2 weeks in December. It makes the holiday rush so terribly stressful. I did manage to make one infinity scarf for my darling lady friend. I am confident it will keep her neck warm, or at a minimum provide a conversation piece as she attempts to exit it’s many looping folds.

Mr. McCluckin’ and I have been known to host the Feast of the 7 Fishes! This year we had a very serious discussion about the feast and decided to keep it small. Instead of inviting everyone under the sun, we tried to keep the gathering to friends, family and beloved neighborhood scamps. In the end we welcomed 20 people to our home instead of the usual 40 and we served them fishes like never before. There was a trout pate and green curry salmon (these were brought by guests). We made cioppino (fish gut soup), baccala balls (rehydrated fish rolled into balls), sausage and peppers (from pigs) and marinara and noodles. In case you were wondering, I don’t much care for fish. I do on the other hand care for feasts and traditions. So we made our house smell of cat food, no worries, everyone had a ball (made of fish)!

Maybe it was the savagery that came with Ragnorak on the 21st, but this holiday season was insane-pants. Every time I turned around I discovered 7 unfinished tasks. Even as we enter 2013 I realize there’s so much I had hoped to do. On the plus side, there are very few Mayan apocalypses in 2013, so I think it might be a productive year.

Let’s talk about resolutions! I like to make grand resolutions that rarely have any grounding in reality (just like everyone else).

I plan to:

Figure out how to use the Flickr app on my phone.

Ignite my Apple abilities by using the crap out of my iPad.

Overthrow the leaders of Banana Republic and plunder their natural khaki resources.

Read more (expect exciting things on this subject soon!)

Teach the wee dogs to moonwalk.

Visit not-too-distant lands, like Glenwood Springs, Columbus and Boston.

Invent a new language.

Whelp, those seem to all be in order. I expect you internetters to hold me to them! Let’s ring in the new year right with our ____________ (crafty tool) at hand and our _______________ (favorite animal) upon our laps!

Wishing you, yours and the other people you know but don’t count among your inner circle, a very merry new year!


Henny Penny

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