No Rest for the Crafty

Welcome Winners!

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic. My new digs have kept me quite busy. The fun part is that this career includes crafting. Last week I made antiqued envelopes for an upcoming photo shoot. I spent way more time than necessary getting them just right. More than likely they will be barely visible. Plus I am learning machine embroidery! It seems most of the work is in learning how to get the fancy pants machine to do your bidding. Tomorrow I am going to build a shrine to the goddess of Bernina in hopes that she will grant me luck in my stitching.

Just when I thought I had a handle on my new worky work routine it was time to visit Portland for a long weekend Mr. McCluckin’ and I planned months ago. I spent much of my time talking to seamstresses that were turning a profit or just living it up in Stumptown. More on this to come…so stay tuned blog readers!

While in Portland we slept in an apartment decked out in 60s and 70s decor. It was so sublime! The best part (for me at least) was the dressing room with a day bed to lounge upon while considering your wardrobe choice for the day. Seriously, all my little girl dreams came true!

Ta for now, I must make the sleepy face for a few hours.


Henny Penny


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