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Adventures in No Sew Blankets

Hola Intertubers!

How goes your month? Mine has been filled with excitement and days off. I’ve relished in the ability to lounge. There was once a time when I was not able to lounge, but I trained hard and I am proud to say that I have taken my lounging to the next level. I’ve been known to sit on the couch, knit and play video games. Isn’t being boring and lame the best on occasion?

Anyhoo, despite my crafty nature, I’ve never made a no sew blanket. Why? I figured, my ability to sew negated my need to make a no sew blanket. Also, the fringey bits seemed fugly and lame. So I avoided them for just about a decade. Then Mr. McCluckin’ destroyed my dreams of never making a no sew blanket by asking me to help him make a no sew blanket.

Nevermind the man foot in the background, that's a finished blanket in the foreground.

Nevermind the man foot in the background, that’s a finished blanket in the foreground.

My love for that masculine chicken melted my distrust for the no sew blanket trend. I hopped on the bandwagon just to help that big lug. His boss at the Sprocket factory requested no sew blankets to donate to hospitals. Apparently wee babies require warmth and blankets sometimes come in handy. So we wandered to the craft shoppe and purchased a yard or two of fleece. That night, by the glow of the television, we cut and tied our way to blanket heaven.

Showing off his mad blanket tying skills.

Showing off his mad blanket tying skills.

Hooray for us! Hooray for those soon to be warm babies! Hooray in general! Whelp, that’s my tale of not sewing a blanket. What did I learn? Well I still think the fringe is fugly and I don’t plan to make any of these blankets ever again. So the moral of the story is, sometimes you just gotta take one for the team and make some babies warm.

Oh my! The night sky is ablaze with the craft-mergency signal! I must go, there’s some sort of craft-tastrophe afoot. Last time I  answered the signal’s call the first lady was caught in a web of rickrack. Luckily I was able to walk her step-by-step through the untangling process. Soon enough she had herself a lovely loaf of rickrack to show off to all the other first ladies and queens.


Henny Penny

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  1. I think it was super of you to conquer your dislike for a good cause. Though I did not know of this trend a few searches quickly took me to some finishes that were not too bad. This one with the cute overlapping fringes:
    And this one with the braided finish:
    I thought were pretty neat. I might make one of these in the future as a kid craft with the wee peas.

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